Warning Signs


  Speaks later than most children

  Pronunciation problems

  Slow vocabulary growth, word retrieval problems

  Difficulty rhyming words

  Trouble learning numbers, alphabet, days of the week, colors    

  Extremely restless and easily distracted

  Trouble interacting with peers

                          Grades K-4

  Slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds

  Inability to read nonsense words

  Confuses basic words (run, eat, want)

  Makes reading and spelling errors including: 
reversals(b/d),inversions(m/w),transpositions (felt/left), substitutions (house/home)

  Slow to learn new skills, relies heavily on memorization, act impulsive, difficulty planning

Grades 5-8

  Reverses letter sequences (soiled/solid, left/felt)

  Has difficulty with the little words; in, on, the

  Slow to learn prefixes, suffixes, root words, and other spelling strategies

  Avoids reading aloud

  Lack of interest or motivation to read

  Trouble with word problems

  Difficulty with handwriting

   Awkward, fist-like, or tight pencil grip

   Avoids writing assignments

   Slow or poor recall of facts

   Difficulty making friends

   Trouble understanding body language and facial expressions

“ I would highly recommend Mrs. Ricca’s reading program to any parent who has even a minor concern about their child’s reading ability.  It has single handedly been the best investment we have made in Alexandra’s future.”