Centrally Located in Williston, VT

ONLINE Sessions are also NOW available!

A Secure, Positive Atmosphere:

·       Students will not have to wait in a waiting room, feeling insecure around strangers.

·       Students are never embarrassed or blamed for their reading difficulties.

·       Rather, students are taught individually in a welcoming and confidential environment.

·       While taught in a patient and caring way, students blossom as old barriers and limitations crumble.

·       Self-confidence and self-esteem escalate rapidly as their abilities increase.

I also understand that parents have limited time and after school can often be an impossible time to fit in one more activity.

With that in mind, I have successfully built relationships with many schools in order for me to offer this service in school during the school day.

This allows children to receive literacy support with minimal impact to family schedules at an optimal instructional time.

"You would think that along with the stigma of needing extra help would come an unwilling child.  Not with our Clara.  She is beyond excited to come and see you each and every time.  You know, when Clara entered third grade, we thought maybe college just wasn't in the cards for her.  You have changed all of that for us.  Thank you for restoring hope and showing Clara and us her true potential."