“I have some phenomenal news... Sean received his Terra Nova results for grade 8.7 which were off the charts!  If you remember his 6 & 7th grade results for reading & writing were below average in all areas.  Well, here are his results entering high school based on a national percentile scale:"

Reading: 95
Vocabulary: 99
Reading Composite: 99
Language: 90
Language Mechanics: 93
Language Composite: 95

"I do not know how to thank you.  It was not only your program that helped Sean realize his potential, but it was also your wonderful personality.  Sean had already worked with other qualified reading specialists, but he never felt very comfortable getting the help he needed and therefore, we saw no improvement.  I am so happy for Sean - you have made such a difference in his attitude toward school - thank you!”

"Ted and I were talking last night, and agreed that the most amazing thing is that Mandy now likes to read.  We could not be happier with the results of her working with you,  The school taught her brother,  Gordon
how to read, but you have taught Mandy to love to read.  A world of difference.”  

"We have definitely seen an improvement in Matthew’s reading and writing abilities.  As a result, Matthew shows more self-confidence when working on school work/projects. And, we have noticed that he has gained organization skills that make doing homework a more positive endeavor."

"Just wanted to let you know that Sam's teacher stopped me in the hall today.  He had just done reading assessments for the end of the 2nd quarter.  He said Sam has improved quite markedly since the assessment done at the beginning of the year!  He said that he's far more fluent in his reading also.  Don't remember the actual numbers because I just stood there smiling and not really absorbing all of the details

I feel so fortunate that we happened upon you and are able to get Kylie a boost in her reading ability and confidence at this point in her education."

"I've been meaning to share with you how much I feel Noa is benefitting from working with you.  
He's able to accept his reading struggles a little easier lately.I wanted to share with you too that I had a chance to connect with his teacher yesterday.  She said that she's seeing a big turnaround in Noa!”

“There's really no way for me to thank you for all you have done for my girls.  I truly feel like it was a blessing to have crossed paths with you.  The time you have worked with them has been very meaningful, and marks a turning point for them academically.  Also, your style of teaching has been a breath of fresh air!  
Whatever you do, the girls love it!"