Literacy Assessment and Consultation
School ConsultationIndividualized 
Individualized Mulitisensory Structured Language Teaching

Individual Consultation

Initial meeting with client and parent, Review of parent provided school records, Parent Surveys / Questionnaires, Informal Student Reading Assessment

School Consultation

Over the last decade, Mrs. Ricca has built a solid reputation presenting around Chittenden County. Mrs. Ricca receives extensive ongoing education through workshops and presentations from Lucy Calkins, Debbie Miller, and other skilled Literacy Specialists.

Her ideas and presentations help teachers make the best practice of Balanced Literacy happen successfully in the classroom.  She is knowledgeable, creative, and passionate about helping teachers do their very best job every day for every student.

Literacy Instruction

Mrs. Ricca delivers an individualized well-balanced literacy program in a one-on-one setting with students to build the foundation for literacy by using best practices in reading and writing instruction.

Each literacy plan that Mrs. Ricca designs are highly individualized and her curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each of her students. All differentiated lessons are selected from an extensive assortment of resources, from years of experience, and ongoing professional development.  All lessons are one-on-one sessions, and students work at their own pace.

All instruction is explicit and systematic.  Multiple practice opportunities are built into the program to allow for mastery of the targeted skills.

Based on Their Individual Needs, Students Work On:

Phomemic Awarenes
Written Expression
Study and Executive Functioning Skills

Programs Used

Orton-Gillingham Foundation with elements of Wilson and Academic Associates

Fluency and Automaticity
Read Naturally, Repeated Readings from Controlled Texts with Progress Tracking, Fountas and Pinnell, authentic texts are used daily to promote fluency and other aspects of reading

Nanci Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing, Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review (SQ3R), Read, Cover, Retell, Check (RCRC), Think Aloud, Oral Summarizing, Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Spelling and Written Expression
Multi-sensory tracing and reciting of rules and words (rough board, sand, small rug), tapping, and other VAKT programs such as the Fernald Method, Framing Your Thoughts, TCRWP, Inspiration Mapping

Modeling and shared reading and written expression on student's instructional level is a part of every lesson.

All Instruction Is:

Synthetic AND Analytic
Direct AND Explicit
Systematic AND Cumulative
Simultaneously Multisensory