Success Stories

First-grade girl reading at K
Stated concern: “That she feels behind her peers in class and is embarrassed to read in front of them." C completed the course in 50 hours and graduated reading with comprehension at third grade. 
Parent’s comment: “C just loves to read. She takes a stack of books to bed with her now.”

First-grade girl reading at grade level 1.7
Stated concern: Parent wanted child to get a good start in reading.
After 27 hours C loved reading and was reading well at second grade level.

Second-grade girl reading at grade-level 2.1
Stated concern: To increase her reading fluency and speed.  
In 51 hours she graduated reading with comprehension at the end of grade 3.
Her parents: “She is so much more confident."

Seventh-grade boy reading at grade level 3.5
Stated concern: “I don’t understand what I read.” 
In 59 hours, he raised his reading level 6 years and graduated reading with understanding at grade 9.5. Parent’s comment: “D.. has read several books and enjoys picking them out.”

Seventh-grade girl reading at grade level 3.5
Stated concern: “She has difficulty with reading.” 
n 46 hours, K raised her reading level 3.3 grades and graduated reading at the 7th grade level. Parent’s comment: “K choses to read and checks out books. She never wanted to go to the library before. You have worked a miracle with her.”

Fifth-grade boy reading at grade-level 4.5
Stated concern: Not enjoying school and behavior problems. 
After 40 hours at our clinic, he increased to a grade level of 9.5 a reading gain of 5 years. He is now consistently on the honor roll and is loving school.

Sixth-grade boy reading at grade level 3.2
Stated concern: Homework and grades becoming a consistent problem. 
After 48 hours of one-on-one instruction, he is reading at grade-level 7.3 a gain of 4.1 years and is now doing well in school.

“Cameron really wasn't that far below grade level when we started. However, she really didn't enjoy reading and homework was already such a struggle in first grade!  We decided we would rather pay for extra instruction now, rather than for counseling in middle school or high school.”